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I, Rachel Brackett, was born in Ethiopia a million years ago: ) I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from SUNY Brockport, New York and Master Certificate in Project Management from Regis University. Although I have a full time job that I like, I have a great passion for ZUMBA.


It has never crossed my mind to teach any dance class. I do not have a dance background and I am not a great dancer. However, this is not a dance class, It is an exercise class in a form of dance. One of my friends (Zena) suggested we get certified in ZUMBA and I did it just so I can provide community service. Once I started teaching a class, my life changed. Teaching ZUMBA has really taken my fitness instruction to the next level. I am able to be creative with my choreography and incorporate moves that tone stubborn body parts. I started learning moves that I never thought I could. When I am teaching ZUMBA, it feels like I am out in a club dancing with my friends. But the bonus is that there is massive caloric expenditure.


ZUMBA is amazing – It’s different…it’s easy, exotic, sexy, effective…and so much fun! ZUMBA isn’t a diet pill, it is a diet dance. It burns between 600 - 1200 calories/hour. That’s more than any cycling, step, or kickboxing class. ZUMBA is a workout in a form of dance. ZUMBA is an hour long routine that works almost every muscle in the body.

Club Rachel might sound like a club. However, it is not a dance club. This is a regular ZUMBA class at the Glenn Dale, Bowie, and Glenarden Community Centers. We do Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Axé ,Cumbia, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing, Rock n Roll, R&B, Twist, Bachata and much more. The Latin music is infectious, motivating, invigorating. The music rumbles, and all of a sudden you are surrounded by lots of people in the room who are having so much fun. You will be done with the workout without even noticing that you just finished an hour class.


You don't have to be a dancer to attend my class. You just need to know how to have fun. If you want a real workout, come and check out Club Rachel ZUMBA. It is the class you won't want to miss. My classes are packed with enthusiasm & fun people. You will sweat more than you thought was ever possible. The energy is infectious and you will leave with a skip in your step and a smile on your heart.


Aside from being a ZUMBA instructor, my most important jobs are wife & mommy. I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids. They are my greatest support system.


Favorite place for traveling:

The Islands and my home country Ethiopia

 Favorite quotes:

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Choose your words, for they become habits. Study your habits, for they will become your character. Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny."


Everday is a good day. Give thanks unto the Lord. For all he has done for us. Whatever life throws at you, you can be at peace knowing that somewhow it work out for your benefit. Live and enjoy the moment, as we are not guaranteed tomorrow. "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mistery, Today is a Gift, that is why it is called the Present." Therfore, enjoy today. Make Today your best day.

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