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Club Rachel Zumba Fitness & Bling It On Fitness in Z-Life magazine!

Club Rachel Zumba Fitness and Bling It on Fitness were published on page 88 of Z-Life magazine with a photo of the instructors from our Party in Pink Zumbathon.  We raised over $3,000 at that event.



Zumba® Party in Pink in the Gazette 9/29/11

The PG Gazette published a short piece about our upcoming ZUMBAthon on May 21 and results of past events.  Read here and scroll down to see article.

The PG Gazette published a news article about our  2 hour Party in Pink Zumbathon held October 1, 2011.


PG Gazette Promotes May 21st ZUMBAthon

Disco Night at Club Rachel



Read Kim Kirkland's article from Best Talk of the Town about her first Zumba class.

A mention in the May 19th issue of the PG Gazette about the May 21 ZUMBAthon.  

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